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Nailgun ChangeLog

v0.9.1November 25, 2012

  • Reorganized, mavenized, githubized.
  • Added rudimentary session pool size control.
  • Added SO_KEEPALIVE socket option
  • Added new server->client chunktype that instructs client to begin forwarding stdin only after nail starts trying to read it. This corrects an issue in which ng could erroneously gulp down stdin, causing problems e.g. when a non-input-requiring ng command runs in a script and is followed by other commands that read stdin.
  • Added --nailgun-filearg support to accept long arguments as file contents.
  • Changed ng client exit values to old values mod 256 to avoid confusion in bash (which evalues mod 256 anyway).
  • Added handling for prematurely closed client connections.
  • Added hp-ux fix for ng client from
  • Fixed segfault on OpenSolaris due to null pointer in strlen call. Fix provided by anonymous in

v0.7.1February 3, 2005

  • Added trap for System.exit(). Client now exits with appropriate exit code.

v0.7January 3, 2005

  • Added windows binary compilation to build process.
  • Added IP Address specification to NGServer commandline (to override default behavior of binding to all addresses).
  • Added automatic port selection to NGServer (by specifying port 0). Selected port is displayed to System.out at startup.
  • Added ability to specify a default Nail to run if an invalid alias/classname is specified by the client.
  • Added ability to disable classname resolution in NGServer, forcing users to run Nails only by alias if disabled.
  • Added thread pooling for running nails. Pool is currently hardcoded to a limit of ten.
  • Added --nailgun-version command line option to client to display client version and exit.
  • Added --nailgun-showversion command line option to client to display client version and continue.
  • Added --nailgun-help command line option to client to display usage information.
  • Added client reporting of local file and path separators via remote environment chunks.
  • Improved usage info display.
  • Added ng-version built-in nail to display server version.
  • InvocationTargetExceptions on Nails now re-throw their cause for more useful information.
  • Added shutdown hook for clean shutdown after Ctrl-C on NGServer.
  • Fixed a bug in ThreadLocalInputStream and ThreadLocalOutputStream that resulted in the ignoring of default proxied streams.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a segfault if ng client is invoked with no arguments.

v0.6November 21, 2004

  • Initial Release