Class ForNameStringParser

  extended bycom.martiansoftware.jsap.StringParser
      extended bycom.martiansoftware.jsap.stringparsers.ForNameStringParser

public class ForNameStringParser
extends StringParser

A StringParser that passes the argument to a static method of signature forName(String) of a specified class.

Note that, for instance, this parser can be used with Class (resulting in a string parser identical to ClassStringParser), but also Charset, and more generally, any class using the forName(String) convention.

Sebastiano Vigna

Method Summary
static ForNameStringParser getParser(Class klass)
          Returns a class forName() string parser.
 Object parse(String arg)
          Parses the specified argument into an Object of the appropriate type.
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Method Detail


public static ForNameStringParser getParser(Class klass)
                                     throws SecurityException,
Returns a class forName() string parser.

When required to parse an argument, the returned string parser will return the object obtain by means of a call to a static method of klass of signature forName(String).

klass - a class with a static method of signature forName(String).


public Object parse(String arg)
             throws ParseException
Description copied from class: StringParser
Parses the specified argument into an Object of the appropriate type. If the specified argument cannot be converted into the desired Object, a ParseException should be thrown.

Note: this method MAY BE CALLED with a null argument. Take this into consideration when subclassing!

Specified by:
parse in class StringParser
arg - the argument to convert to an Object of class appropriate to the StringParser subclass.
the Object resulting from the parsed argument.
ParseException - if the specified argument cannot be parsed.

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