Class ClassStringParser

  extended bycom.martiansoftware.jsap.StringParser
      extended bycom.martiansoftware.jsap.stringparsers.ClassStringParser

public class ClassStringParser
extends StringParser

A StringParser for parsing Class objects. The parse(arg) method calls Class.forName(arg) and returns the result. If any exceptions are thrown by Class.forName(), they are encapsulated in a ParseException and re-thrown.

Note: The Class.forName() call attempts to load the class from the same ClassLoader that loaded this StringParser.

Marty Lamb
See Also:
StringParser, Class

Constructor Summary
          Deprecated. Use getParser() or, even better, JSAP.CLASS_PARSER.
Method Summary
static ClassStringParser getParser()
          Returns a ClassStringParser.
 Object parse(String arg)
          Parses the specified argument into a Class object.
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Constructor Detail


public ClassStringParser()
Deprecated. Use getParser() or, even better, JSAP.CLASS_PARSER.

Creates a new ClassStringParser.

Method Detail


public static ClassStringParser getParser()
Returns a ClassStringParser.

Convenient access to the only instance returned by this method is available through JSAP.CLASS_PARSER.

a ClassStringParser.


public Object parse(String arg)
             throws ParseException
Parses the specified argument into a Class object. This method calls Class.forName(), passing the specified argument as the name of the class to load, and returns the resulting Class object. If an exception is thrown by Class.forName(), it is encapsulated in a ParseException and re-thrown.

Specified by:
parse in class StringParser
arg - the argument to parse
a Class object representing the class named by the specified argument.
ParseException - if Class.forName(arg) throws an exception.
See Also:
Class, StringParser.parse(String)

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